Dress: Quiz Clothing, Choker: forever21, Heels:Quiz Clothing

Figuring out the right amount of bling in our outfits is the most difficult yet important task. Plus the season being summer we do require a little bling to make the look exquisite!


When I recently collaborated with Quiz Clothing, a well known clothing site on Instagram, I realised its the best site to find the right blend of ‘bling and bland’ that gives out a perfect look.

A little shimmer does enhance an outfit, specially one for a social event where we wish to look striking. Quiz Clothing definitely gives a girl the right options for such clothing with their wide range of outfits, making it hard for us to choose.


These two outfits have been my favourite as the black blends in perfectly with the shimmer and bling and makes it suitable for events.

The second outfit is defintely the one which is more comfortable, being a jumpsuit, whereas the first one adds poise to the look!

Dress and Heels:Quiz Clothing, Belt: Charlotte Russe.


Stay tuned for more! x



2 Comments Add yours

  1. sardothien04 says:

    Wuuhhuuu!! Amazing work. Loved it ❤


  2. Shreya says:

    Wow love it❤️❤️


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