So I recently received this box from sheree cosmetics, a brand that expanded through instagram, and it was a pleasure going through it.

I mean most girls love makeup, and finding the right makeup, with the right texture that suits you and is long lasting is definitely a must.

F8FE1F1C-C90F-43CA-BD72-747CB9F78457So starting off with what all was in this box, i’ll start with these three amazing lipsticks. Their texture and formula to my surprise is probably the best one I’ve used so far. They’re so soft on the lips and even though they are matte lipsticks they don’t dry up and make your lips crack unlike some other matte lipsticks these days¡

71005CF6-0E51-4879-8053-7AA049998677There were these three amazing shades, shannon’s secret, scarlet rouge and brynlee. Personally brynlee is such a colour that it won’t really suit my skintone but if you want to go for a comination of two lipshades, like adding this colour to a deep dark lipstick, it does wonders!

88A1D899-446B-4266-A884-38D49378C6B0C891735D-ECD3-40C1-8C25-5FF7D24FA105F8FE1F1C-C90F-43CA-BD72-747CB9F78457Moving on, there were these two absolutely lovely shades of eyeshadows. One being ‘Drama’ a deep metallic golden colour which is perfect for a bold night look, and the other shade being ‘Fierce’ which can be used for an amazing smoky eye look. I loved experimenting with these eyeshadows and creating new looks. I mean, who doesn’t love some amazing makeup which is inexpensive too¿

7BBFC8AA-A02B-46AA-8FA7-2DBFAC1E189087F23CC3-77B1-408E-ACC5-DCC405E31B45Along with this came these lovely pair of lashes that said ‘Be bold, be beautiful.’

For me, these were the perfect set of lashes I’ve used so far and also not very expensive at the same time¡



I tried this super casual, bold look that is just the right amount of casual and sassy, and trust me guys there couldn’t be any more comfortable makeup than this!



So to conclude, I guess it is safe to say, that this brand gives out the best variety of  lipshades, with a super amazing formula to it, and also at a reasonable price. Along with the bold and lovely eyeshadows and lashes ofcourse. So personally I would definitely suggest y’all to try it out and let me know how you liked it!❤️

Stay tuned for more such blogs coming up soon! x



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