Hey guys,

So firstly what I’m gonna talk about today is something totally different but I feel there’s a need to address this as I come across so many people my age going through this, dealing with stress and trying to figure things out. I wouldn’t deny that I find my self stuck many a times trying to figure things and understand the correct meaning behind them and to come up with a way to deal with the hard times.

Now we all have heard of the terms depression and anxiety and have quite often used them aswell, referring it to ourselves or maybe someone else. We tend to assume them to be a ‘burden’. Something we can’t talk about, something that’ll make us socially unacceptable. Making us ‘uncool’ in front of our friends. What we first need to realise is that how others perceive us Is not who we are, what we understand of our own selves how we love ourselves is what makes us. What we all do need to know is that someone going through depression shouldn’t consider themselves alone, they shouldn’t feel the need to hide it. Someone else’s judgement of You is only good for 5 years if you go by the ‘5 by 5 rule’

We all have phases in life, after all thats what makes it a roller coaster of ups and downs that teaches us lessons to learn. These are the lessons that help us achieve our goals, becomw who we wish to. What matters the most is how we deal with these phases.

First things first, most of us don’t really understand if we’re actually depressed or is it just the overpowering emotions?! Depression and anxiety are really strong terms and need to be used and dealt with carefully and correctly. As many a times we’re unknowingly mocking someone who maybe genuinely undergoing depression. You need to come to terms with the fact that your emotions are taking over you, your ideas, your way of thinking and basically everything you’re involved in is turning out negative. This is the first step in understanding depression. We feel we are the odd ones to be depressed or having panic attacks in the middle of the day because of something as minor as a bad test or a fight with a friend, but trust me guys, it’s every 1 in 3 people who is depressed. And it is only when we start talking about it more openly is when we can reduce the amount. There can be alot of reasons for depression. Everyone has their own reasons. But what we human beings don’t realise is that we expect others to understand ours but fail to understand theirs.

Most of us going through a phase in life or a setback tend to think that we’re not worth it, that we should give up, and the whole universe is against us, we don’t even feel like trying. We start comparing ourselves to other individuals. We all as different entities need to learn how to love ourselves. Only when we love ourselves, we fight for us, we see the love in others, and we spread love. We see other people getting the things we had wished for, and we think it’s probably what we deserve. But guess what? It is these very phases in life that help you become a strong individual. It is only when you go through something is when you grow through it. Another person might have the thing you wished for, but you’ll get what you need and not what you wish. What has been planned for you. Although a continuous series of events that are in your favour is only going to make you take your life and blessings for granted.

Now we all deal with situations differently, similarly, we all deal with anxiety and depression differently. But certain things that will definitely help are being with people who only lift you up, surround you with positive vibes. Talking about your issues to someone, and refraining from keeping it within. The first thing we need to do is cutoff any negativity that is surrounding us, it maybe a friend, a teacher or whosoever. Any person who is only bringing you down is harmful for your mental health. We often take time to realise the right people for us, and that’s natural, but sticking with those even after realizing they are toxic is our own fault. It is only when we have control over our emotions and not the other way round is when we can battle depression. All of us have our reasons, but what we need to remember is just like the good times don’t last, neither do the bad. And one thing I’ve learnt as of now is that everything happens for a reason. In the end, everything is going to make sense and you’ll be glad that you didn’t give up. If you feel like giving up, remember there is someone out there to whom your existence makes a big difference. Do it for them. Don’t give up for them.

Another way to battle depression is by increasing the number of activities. The more we keep ourselves engaged, the more our mind stays distracted and gets exposed to better things. We tend to create a negative mindset while dealing with depression. We blame ourselves, consider ourselves worthless. But at this very point we need to look around, appreciate the positivity in this world. Work on our thoughts, reframe them, often referred to as cognitive therapy. We need to realise we are capable of good things, remember instances from the past. Just like the bad, the good as well.

Mental health being one of the most important yet least discussed topic needs to be focused on. We need to surround ourselves with positivity, the right company, people who lift us up and only radiate positive vibes, who can be trusted to ensure a healthy mental health. But we also need to ensure that we do not generate negativity for others. Cut off  people who make you question your worth and value.

Now, this being a perspective of a person suffering from depression, we also need to understand that there might be our friends or family members who might be right in front of us, indirectly seeking for help, battling depression, but we still can’t see the signs. We spend our days hating on people, finding faults, what we don’t understand is that person might be trying to find something good in themselves, something that makes them worthy. Also hate is just a form of negativity reflecting from within, once we get rid of it, it is only then that we can love ourselves. Many  a times, people put up a great show to the entire world that their lives are perfect but in reality, the truth is, everyone has their own battles to fight, everyone is living life dealing with the odds, just by themselves dealing one day at a time. Putting someone down isn’t going to get you anywhere, you never know who might be going through stress, anxiety, family issues that may make them question their existence. Being there for someone, being a friend who radiates positivity can be the best thing you can do, for them as well as for your self!

In a world where all people think about is themselves, we all somewhere need a friend, a guide, a person to rely on, who can help us deal with the wars inside our head, who can help us get to a better place by comforting us. So along with just wanting ‘that’ person let’s all of us strive to be that person to someone? You never know who’s life you might change! And when you do something for the better, it only adds up to the positivity and it helps you grow and deal with the bad times by remembering these things that make you a worthy human being! Also guys, let’s start loving our own selves rather than finding faults in anyone, let’s do what makes up happy without worrying what someone else might thing because after all at the end of the day, all you do is for yourself and all you have is yourself! xx




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  1. Sana says:

    Great work !😘😘


  2. Stoopih says:

    Bum Aa lilll horrrrrrrsss!!


  3. Paawni says:

    Gurrll always spreading positive vibes, Love you so much♥️♥️♥️


  4. Monica says:

    Beautifully written


  5. puruag13 says:

    Really amazing work yaa


  6. kavita mathur says:

    Great insight


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