Hey guys,

So I recently got invited to this event at Dezertfox, CP which was basically a food tasting and reviewing event.


It was the first time that I visited or for that matter tried out this place. To be honest, I definitely have a sweet tooth and I’m a person who loves trying out anything that’s sweet.


So I started off by trying this ferrero shake which was absolutely amazing and I mean, we all desire the right amount of sweet and bitter in a shake or coffee right?! This was like the perfect combination of both with of course, a tinge of ferrero. No doubt it was a little heavy as a starter where we had so much sweet left to taste, but it was definitely worth it.


Next up they had these wide range of cupcakes, what fascinated me the most were the exuberant designs like a pineapple, a coconut, which are something so unique to look at as well as to taste. And they for sure did justice to the taste as well.

My favourite one was the red velvet cupcake as I’ve always been a fan of red velvet desserts.


Next comes these lovely cakes, and of course my favourite has to be this cheesecake. It looked so gorgeous and tasted even better. Cheesecakes tend to do that to you!


They also had some eclairs out of which the cheese eclair was the best one giving us a little break from the sweetness and also the jars with these adorable tiny macaroons which were so good in taste.


In all, it was a great experience trying out these desserts and I’m glad I got to visit this place as for someone like me who loves something sweet this is a treat. I would definitely recommend this place if you haven’t yet tried them out. The best part is they have 4 outlets in Delhi NCR which is even more convenient.

So with this I would like conclude here and say that anyone who loves sugar as much as me should try this out for sure and I guarantee you, you wouldnt regret it!

Stay tuned for more.


Riya x

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