Hey guys, so Winters being almost here is one of the seasons I don’t personally look forward to, as summer IS definitely my favourite. But one good thing to it is trying out new outfits that are cozy, comfortable and yet classy. You could wear oversized clothes and still look like a fancy person walking around the streets. ALSO, no sweat?!

So I thought of putting together a few outfit ideas that might be good for the pre winter season and also suit the winters.

This first one right here is an off shoulder shirt dress. The material is so comfortable and warm yet it speaks fashion. I paired it with a pink skirt and a belt to add more of an essence to it. This shirt dress is from sarojini but you will also find it elsewhere as linked below. The skirt is from @sthsw (something sweet clothing) and to make it more edgy I wore black boots that are from Zara. An additional piece of clothing that could be added to this look would be stockings to keep your legs warm.

This next look is my personal favourite as it speaks volumes for winters and suits the season perfectly.

It is also something I would love to wear on a sunny winter day and roam around.

This sweater is definitely not a regular sweater with the cut design on it’s sleeves that make it look extra yet ordinary haha.

I paired it with these classic pants from @stalkbuylove which are so hep and make a good black and red colour combination with the sweater. I obviously went with boots, the one thing that is constant in all these outfits. These boots being from H&M.

This next look is again a shirt dress. It is definitely the season to wear shirt dresses as they are so comfortable and chic.

So this one is a simple striped dress and I love the collar to it which makes it look so classy. I added a belt to it to make the fall look better. Had to obviously pair it with boots from @charlotterousse and these shades from @rayban

Again can also be worn with stockings to make it more warm during the evenings but otherwise goes perfectly well

This last outfit is a mix and match of fancy and casual which turned out to be the perfect amount of edgy. So I wore this striped top with these check pants that I got from Bali, this outfit is honestly so easy to carry that it could be worn for a formal party and yet a good evening casual session. I added this blazer from shein. The pearls to it obviously make the look more elegant and grand. Paired it with these simple block heels from @metro and that’s how I ended this look.

So these were few suggestions for the faul/winter season. Would also be coming up with a blog exclusively for winter outfits. Stay tuned.


Riya x

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