Hey guys,

So I’m going to be doing a series of styling with Self attributes. The first one being self confidence;

Self confidence is something that is so difficult to have in a society like ours, loving your flaws and accepting them to such an extent that you’re able to carry yourself with confidence no matter what you wear isn’t an easy task with the constant critics that are thrown at us. Being able to walk with confidence no matter what outfit you wear is reaching the level of self confidence where only and only your opinion and comfort matters. I went for the not-so-usual look this time with the Indo-western fusion outfits and wearing these on a regular basis like I said is “unusual” and something not everyone would relate to but then after all it’s all about confidence to pull off any look. From a young age being forced to follow the “societal norms” or just by peer pressure that create insecurities within us, being confident about ourselves, or body or the way we look isn’t easy.

Before I go into the looks, I would first want to focus on self confidence and some ways on building self confidence:

•One thing that is really important in building self confidence is to have a set of goals for our own self, goals that will help us strive towards becoming our better self, goals that will keep us motivated and goals that once achieved one by one will make us feel more confident in our own selves and our aim.

•Self introspection is one another way to build self confidence. Realising where our negative thoughts are coming from and what is the main origin of those. Introspecting our own selves and day by day replacing those with more positive thoughts.

•Not letting other people’s opinions bother you. WE ALL FOCUS ON WHAT OTHERS THINK OF US. But what really is important is using their opinions in our favour. Most people are not evening thinking about you because all they have going on in their head is themselves. We need to realise that if we our content with ourselves we wouldn’t let anyone else’s opinion affect us. At the end of the day, what we think of ourselves is what really matters.

•COMPARISON. One major issue that comes in our way of building self confidence is comparison, we usually find ourselves comparing our lives to others. What we do not realise is that all of us have a different path, different goals, and different achievements, we all live a life that is unique, like it’s always said, the grass is always greener on the other side. Set your own standards and be happy with those. We need to be grateful for all that we have and when we eliminate comparison we are closer to self confidence.

•Last is to avoid perfectionism, we need to accept that we all have flaws and they infact our those elements in us that make us stand out and different from others. We need to learn how to embrace them rather than criticise them and constantly hate ourselves over it. No matter what we do our definition of perfect will always be far from achieved, so to be confident we need to appreciate what we have and have gratification towards those things.

Moving into the fusion lookbook, here are four looks that I created with the same!

The first look is probably my favourite one because it is the right amount of Indian and Western and makes you look the best boss-version of your self. Two of my most favourite clothing pieces paired together, co-ord set and a kurta, the colour combination of red and black along with these beautiful Indian accessories turned out to be very classy. Definitely the unusual but if carried out with confidence it can be your A game.

The second one is this mix of this royal blue shrug with the kurta-palazzo outfit, both these colours compliment each other, blue definitely being my favourite

The third one is this casual-comfortable yet chic look, I paired these blue skorts with this pink purta that has this beautiful green embroidery on it along with this neck piece that I picked up from sarojini, and these gorgeous earrings. To add more to the fusion I wore boots along with it.

The third one is yet again a classy and comfort look, I paired these check shorts with this cream short jacket along with this neck piece from janpath.

I hope this relation of fusion and self confidence helped you out in some way. Stay tuned for more.


Riya x

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