So I’ve always been a fan of creating new outfits with the same piece of clothing and basically “diy” outfits in all. Since obviously going out and buying new outfits for every occasion isn’t something all of us can afford, the best way to deal with these situations is to recreate an entirely new outfit with the same clothing items.

So I went ahead an used a shirt to create four different looks and honestly, I loved each one of them and the process to create them!

So to start off, I got this shirt/blazer from Shein, for those of you who don’t know, it’s an online shopping site with a wide range of clothing, accessories, shoes and ALOT more. The reason why I love this shirt so much is because the stripe print is so in trend and it goes with almost everything. For the first look, I went for the half-tucked in and half-out look for the shirt along with which I wore a black belt to give it more shape and paired it with this denim skirt. I absolutely love the half out way since it makes it more edgy and fancy at the same time. It also gives it an eerie touch, which is honestly my favourite part to it. The more unique and weird the better it is. I feel the look can also be worn for a formal occasion so it’s convenient for both occasions, be it an event or a get together. Simple accessories like a black bag from Zara and black sleek shades from shein add to the look. Decided to wear these black block heels from streetstyleoffical store.

For the second look I tried wearing this shirt as a blazer, what’s best than an all white look with a tinge of blue to it? I wore this plain white top, with lace detailing on the sides and these white check shorts from shein as well. Yet again they work for a formal yet comfy look! Paired it with these white tassle hoop earrings.

For the third look I tried an over layer that completely changed the look. I wore this shirt, tucked-in, with a black skirt that has a golden zip to it that’s makes it more stately. The over layer gives a complete different look to the shirt and the outfit as a whole. To match the shirt I decided to pair the outfit with the same blue tinge coloured boots that I got from streetstyleofficial.

The fourth and the last look created from this shirt is a similar one to the previous look. I wore the same shirt plus overlayer with plain black palazzos just that I decided to leave the over layer flowing instead of tucking it in and that gave it a more sassy look when paired with the palazzos. This look could possibly be worn to college, brunch, lunch or a casual meetup too, super comfortable and airy for the spring/summer season. Teamed it up with the same boots to match the shirt shade and a simple black clutch from accessorize.

So these were the four looks I created from this one shirt, since I like experimenting I would be trying this with alot of other clothing items too, hope it was helpful. Stay tuned for more!


Riya x

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  1. Samaira Nakra says:

    Creativity 💯💯💯💯


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