Dressing up has always been my favourite, no doubt. There’s something to it than just trying out new clothes or going out. It’s a feeling you get, when you dress up. A feeling of ebullience. You feel good about your own self, you feel confident when you look good. I’ve always believed that when you feel you look good, your confidence always boosts up. It doesn’t have to necessarily be fancy, expensive clothes you wear to dress up, it’s more importantly the fact how you carry the clothes you’ve worn and how they make you feel. I tried to revolve this blog mainly around that concept, and so for the same I went with a look that made me feel like a boss girl, a confident one carrying herself the best way possible. I wore shorts and a navy blue crop top and to top it off I worse this shimmer blazer. What I love the most about this blazer is that its the perfect balance between chic and edge. Wearing it just gave me an automatic sense of exuberance and joy. I have recently been a fan of these high ponytails and I thought it would be the best along with this outfit, pairing it with these heels with pearls from @quizclothingcollection.

For the next look, I went for a more off the shoulder, puffy sleeve look. I have ALWAYS wanted a top like this since it’s so in trend these days and what’s better than one in a colour black? This is more of a sassy, stately look. I wore it with blue denim shorts again and black boots to top it off. I feel we all have this one look which is also fancy yet you’d also wear it to a concert? Well I guess this is that one for me.

Now for the third look, it’s one that straight up goes under the category “imdressedlikeimgoingtoprom”

I absolutely love gowns but I’ve never really got a chance to wear them as much as I would want to relish them. One thing I absolutely love about this gown is the colour. The Navy blue colour has my heart, it gives off such a beautiful vibe to it and honestly adds up to everything. It’s also got a little shimmer to it so you can go all sparkly. So since it’s a gown, it’s obvious one would ONLY wear it to either a ball, an event, or a function that exuberant. But nonetheless, who doesn’t love a fancy little outfit for the evening that makes you stand out?

I feel all of us are constantly living in an illusion. Illusion of our own selves. We believe in everything except what needs the most belief, our own selves. Dressing up has been an escape for me. More than the clothes it’s the feeling of being able to do something out of what you have, to recreate it, to carry it the best way possible and something that will make you feel so much better is what it has always been, the feeling it gives has broken the illusion for me, and that’s what the aim was🌸


Riya x

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