Being kids, summer was probably the most awaited time of the year. The summer holidays we would all desperately wait for so that we could enjoy those few months with our friends, maybe go out for a vacation with our family, and probably have the best time of our lives. But with growing up and being adults it has become extremely difficult for us to take some time out and actually do something that is productive yet at the same time brings us inner peace and joy. I wouldn’t lie about the fact how netflix movies make summer holidays look so lavish and fun but in real life most of us are stuck in the constant struggle of figuring out what to actually do with the ample amount of free time. College students are occupied with internships and no doubt they are productive but they’re fun only for very few. We tend to waste all our remaining time sitting on social media looking at each other’s pretentious “fun times”

One of the most important things that we all need to do is make the most of our summer just for our ownselves, and not for anyone else. We often sit and wonder how to actually do that but don’t realise that we’re wasting half of our time wondering. Well there are a lot of small little things that add up to a great summer, things we all must do while we have the time.


To be a tourist it isn’t necessary to move out of our city, be a tourist in your own city. One of the greatest gifts we have is the ability to explore. I know the heat can be overwhelming but exploring indoor places is always an option. Most of the times we are unaware of the beautiful places our own city has because we are so busy taking it for granted. Art museums, non-art museums, monuments or even different cafes and swimming pools, exploring something new always brings us joy. (PRO TIP: Keep yourself hydrated and drink lots of water so that you don’t faint while all the exploring)(?)


One of the best things about summers is we have plenty of time to learn something new and add to our skills, it maybe something as small as a language or even something like singing or dancing. Anything that interests us. When we invest our time in something we love or like to do, we are attracting inner peace and happiness and we never know when these skills might actually benefit us and come in handy.


When we’re sitting idle at home, our mind can really play tricks on us, it can make us think about all the negative things possible. At this point when we can’t move out of our house it is necessary to put our mind to some work. Be creative, create new things, do DIY’s. Work on something that interests you for instance: write a blog, record music covers, dance videos, cook something or maybe do something out of the box. Our time is so valuable and precious and every minute we should think of making the most of it.


Giving back is one of the biggest forms of gratitude that helps us bring inner peace. Volunteer for any kind of work, be it social work that may interest you or a small gesture of offering cold water to people working in the scorching heat. It maybe a short span of volunteer work but it will definitely bring you happiness.


Planning a meetup or a trip with friends is always the best possible getaway or utilization of time. Exploring some place new within your city or maybe outside (if possible) either way is one of the best things to do in summers and also one of the things we look forward to doing since time spent with friends is always the best and leads to creating new memories.


Doing something for the very first time just brings a different kind of excitement and summer is all about experimenting, whether it be something as small as coloring your hair for the very first time, joining a dance class for the first time, trying alcohol for the first time ( make sure it doesn’t end badly though) or going on a roller coaster with friends for the first time, the first times are always memorable and summer gives a ton lot of opportunity for these first times so we should get out and make the most of them.


When we have so much of free time most of us tend to sit and waste it on social media. Might be guilty of doing the same at times, and no doubt it is fun to sit and waste some time on social media watching stupid movies on netlix or just scrolling past instagram but wouldn’t it be fun if we used that very same social media to do something that might actually benefit us? easier said than done but one definitely needs to start somewhere isn’t it? There is so much that we can actually learn on social media, maybe do an online course, use twitter to stay updated, maybe create a blog or upload a youtube video if that interests us or even start a business online.


Lastly, summer is that time of the year when most of us are subconsciously making memories that we are going to remember and cherish for the rest of our lives, so its important that we make good ones whether it be with our family, friends or ourselves. It’s necessary to give our own selves a little time too every now and then. Spending some time with our own selves, writing our thoughts down, introspecting our selves helps us in unimaginable ways. So I really hope y’all have a good summer and one worth remembering!



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